Board Meeting Minutes 11/5/14

Present: Sue Wilkins, Meg McCann, Walter Fowler, Howard Pratt (President of NHFD Board)

Walter discussed preparations for the New Hope Turkey Run on 11/8/14 and concluded that we were all set. We have rented one Port-a-John for $100 to “take pressure off the septic system.” We’ll see how it works and consider changes next year if the septic system has the same limitations.

Meg is trying to tie up “loose ends” to finish the yearly financial report. A check for $503.77 was given to Howard for the NHFD’s 50% share of the profit from Sept’s Country Breakfast.

We discussed last week’s Membership Meeting with election of next year’s officers and Board. The date for the first “new” Board meeting has not been set but will probably be in Jan. Sue is considering asking the NC Commission for Non-Profits to come give a presentation on “following the Bylaws” and other issues. Meg pointed out that the Commission may also point out flaws in the existing Bylaws and help us improve them. Sue is also concerned about member privacy and suggests that the Board consider having those with access to member information sign disclosure forms. She also thinks that we need to have procedures in place to protect digital information. Meg pointed out that there needs to be more transparency in handling building rentals: e.g. a public contract that specifies the policy for rentals and prices, and a listing of dates that the building was rented and the price charged.

The date for the “January meeting” must be set and an agenda must be formulated and sent out to members of the new Board along with information “to think about” before the meeting. Other measures may be necessary to ensure that items will be discussed and voted on in a timely fashion.

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