Membership Meeting Minutes 10/28/14

Officers present: Sue Wilkins, Craig Drake, Meg McCann, Walter Fowler
Board members present: Cliff Carroll

25 people were present and Craig Drake gave ballots to representatives of 23 households with paid-up memberships and he also collected proxy ballots.  Each person nominated for the election was given an opportunity to make a brief statement and there was an opportunity for floor nominations but none were made.  Ballots were collected by Craig Drake and were counted by Craig and by Cliff Carroll’s 2 daughters.  Results are as follows:

Co-presidents – Gail Boyarsky and Sue Wilkins
Vice president – Craig Drake
Treasurer – Jim Worrell
Secretary – Diane Doub
Board members – Meg McCann, Cliff Carroll, Walter Fowler, Ann and Del Williams, Mike Doub, Lindsay Carroll,  Alison Windram.  (Fire Chief Mike Tapp is also a Board member).

Treasurer Meg McCann presented her Treasurer’s  Report (appended to these Minutes).  Sue Wilkins presented additions regarding expenses for the Country Breakfast in 9/14 and building rentals for the year.   Former Fire Chief Mike Bordeaux pointed out the historical basis for having a separate account for the rental program but also pointed out the difficulty in seeing the overall financial picture when there were “two sets of books.”  There was general discussion about building maintenance and repairs and the need for future fundraising.

The next meeting for the existing Board will be on 11/5/14.  The first meeting of the new Board will be in 2015 and has not been scheduled yet.

January 1 – September 30, 2014
Meg McCann, Treasurer
Duke Energy                                                                           $939.59
Clegg’s Termite and Pest Control                                 461.50
Web site (lifetime hosting, 2 yrs domain name)    520.98
Newsletters (printing and mailing)                               809.34
Metro Fire & Safety (fire extinguisher service)        54.00
Safe deposit box                                                                         45.00
Post office box                                                                            62.00
Breakfast expenses                                                              123.24*
Sue & Stan Whitfield memorial bench                       675.00
Building repairs                                                                       750.00
Total                                                                                        $4,440.65

Dues                                                                                            $400.00
Sue & Stan Whitfield memorial bench                       675.00
Breakfast income                                                               1,343.95
Total                                                                                       $2,418.95

BALANCE 12/31/13                                                 $10,547.04
BALANCE 07/31/14                                                    $8,623.74
Deposits returned to renters                                      $140.00
Building supplies                                                                   144.73
Breakfast/kitchen expenses                                      1,017.42*
Building repairs                                                                     309.75
Refreshments                                                                         175.90
Total                                                                                     $1,787.80

Board of Election rent                                                    $450.00
Other rent                                                                                760.00
Total                                                                                     $1,210.00

BALANCE 12/31/13                                                  $5,327.87
BALANCE 07/31/14                                                     4,750.07
BALANCE 12/31/13                                              $12,272.51
BALANCE 07/31/14                                                 12,275.24

* Expenses in checking account as of 9/30/14. Total breakfast expenses $343.91.

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