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Board Meeting Minutes 6/28/16

Present: Gail Boyarsky, Alison Windram, Jim Worrell, Walter Fowler, Del and Ann Williams, Lindsay Carroll, Suzanne Sauter, Ed Tostanoski , Mike Doub. Nonboard member Kay Tapp was also present.

President Gail Boyarsky called the meeting to order. It was reported that Secretary Diane Doub has stepped down from the Secretary office and from the Board but will continue as an NHIA member. Walter Fowler offered to serve as interim Secretary and Ed offered to help. Treasurer Jim Worrell gave the Treasurer’s report which is linked to the NHIA website.

Committee Reports

Rentals – there have been 2-3 per month. The Board wants to have Service Master perform periodic “clean ups” as needed and the focus of these clean ups will be specified each time by Gail or another member of the Rentals committee. Review of our insurance policy (through the Fire Department) confirms that alcohol can be present at rental events but will need to be supplied and monitored by those who rent the building and they will assume responsibility and liability for its use. The rental agreement is being modified to document our policy.

Communications – everyone likes the new signs which are being printed in Hillsborough at no cost to NHIA. Jim and Mike have agreed to have one 2 sided sign printed for each upcoming event and three 2 sided signs will be printed for the Breakfast and for the Turkey Run. The committee will also send out announcements and reminders via e-mail and for certain individuals via snail mail or phone calls. Mike reminded those in charge of each event to supply the committee with “verbage” and artwork for use in signs and announcements.

Events – the talks by Duke Forest Manager Sara Childs and by Sheriff Charles Blackwood were each attended by about 25 people and were “successful.” The next event is the Ice Cream Social from 2-4 pm on July 10. There will be live music and there was discussion about getting a “Bounce House” to draw more kids. The cost is in the $100-$200 range and Gail will look into it. The supplier of the Bounce House will be expected to assume liability. The Fire Dept will also be asked to have a Fire Truck or two out for kids to explore under their supervision. Suzanne Sauter is heading up this event and Walter, Ed and Alison offered to help. Alison will make up a flyer which will be distributed by Ed. The next event may be the Candidate Forum and Gail will check with the Election Commission for a date.

Member meetings are also scheduled for Thurs Sept 8 (presentation of new Bylaws and Standing Rules and selection of nominating committee for Board elections ) and Tues Nov 15 (Board elections).

Bylaws/Standing Rules – Kay Tapp and Suzanne Sauter presented a detailed draft of Standing Rules to be presented with the new Bylaws at the Sept member meeting and there was much discussion and several changes were made. Kay and Suzanne will incorporate these changes and will provide them to Board members within the next few weeks via e-mail. They will be discussed at the next Board meeting on 8/9/16.

Walter Fowler, Acting Secretary