Board Meeting Minutes 5/13/14

Present: Sue Wilkins (President), Meg McCann (Treasurer), Walter Fowler (Secretary), Mike Tapp (Fire Chief)
Absent: Craig Drake (Vice President), Cliff Carroll (At Large)
Guests: Mike Doub, Lindsay Carroll

Sue Wilkins called the meeting to order. Guest Lindsay Carroll described the NHIA website which she has set up and which she maintains ( We discussed the need to disseminate the website address; we will promote bilateral linkage with similar minded groups such as New Hope Fire Dept, Duke Forest, New Hope Creek Corridor Advisory Committee, Audubon Society, Sierra Club and nearby neighborhood organizations.

Guest Mike Doub described a “custom built” membership database that he developed consisting of: (1) every address within the area bounded by NC 86 on the West, Erwin Rd on the East, I-40 on the South and Mt Sinai Rd on the North as well as outsiders who have had or might have an interest in NHIA, and (2) names of all adult residents at each of these addresses. Membership status and other information will be updated and mailing lists can be generated.

Mike Tapp gave an update on Fire Department and EMS business. Orange County Commissioners have approved placement of an ambulance and EMS crew at NHFD Station 2 during “peak hours” of 12 noon to midnight with the expectation that the hours will be increased over time to “24/7.” Ambulances and crews will also be located at other fire stations around the county. Start date is not known but will “probably be in the next month.” The NHFD will also be taking delivery on a new 2000 gallon tanker truck later this week. The previous tanker truck had a 1000 gallon capacity.

Mike Tapp also talked about high priority maintenance issues for the NHIA/NHFD building:

  1. The septic system which has overflowed and has been pumped out twice in the past 6 mos
  2. The gutters and fascia board on the rear of the building which are falling down and the elevated walkway on the rear of the building which is unsafe
  3. Drainage at the rear of the building since heavy rains have caused flooding of the firetruck bays on several occasions

Mike and Sue are working on getting a formal county inspection of the septic system which is required in order to get a permit to allow work on the system.  Mike Doub offered to get a proposal from a general contractor since some of these repairs are interdependent and might be done in “stages” within an overall framework.  I have also received an independent bid for work on the building from the Aluminum Co. of NC via Craig Drake.

Meg McCann presented the financial report for the first quarter.

Sue reviewed tentative dates for NHIA events for the rest of the year as follows:

May 20: Natural Gas Availability Talk
June ?: Membership Meeting
July 20: Ice Cream Social and Sue Whitfield Remembrance
Sept 20: Breakfast
Oct ?: Candidate Forum
Nov 8: Turkey Run
Nov ?: Membership Meeting with Election of New Officers

[I had to leave the meeting early and notes on the rest of the meeting are supplied by Meg McCann.]

Discussion of possible holiday event in conjunction with the Christmas tree sale by the Fire Department.  Mike Doub suggested a Christmas Market/Bazaar with food and gift items for sale.

Mike Tapp suggested a Community Watch meeting.  That will perhaps occur in conduction with the upcoming membership meeting.  Mike will check with the Sheriff’s Department about this.

Discussion of no-parking signs for the NHIA lot and the fire department lot.  We discussed both permanent signs, as well as parking cones with no-parking signs to be put out only for events.  Also, more cones to mark off the back part of the lot and the area between the white fences.  Mike Tapp will check at Fire Station 2 to see if there are extra cones.

There being no further business the meeting was adjourned.

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