Communication Meeting Minutes 8/28/14


  1. Review Calendar Events
  2. Website – New Content or Modifications
  3. Next Newsletter
  4. Other Business?


  1. Review Remaining 2014 Calendar Events

Discussion – Is the calendar current, are updates needed, anything unscheduled, etc.?

Sat, Sept 20 – NHVFD & NHIA Country Breakfast from 7am to 11am

October (tbd) – Candidates’ Forum & Member Meetings (to approve nominating committee)

November 8 – New Hope Turkey Run

November (tbd) – Member Meeting & Board Elections & a GUEST speaker


  1. Website – New Content or Modifications

Discussion – Is there any new content or modifications that we should consider adding to the web site?  Website Traffic update:  The email with the July newsletter link  was opened by 41 unique IP addresses; Saturday was our biggest day yet, with 28 visitors and 47 pageviews!!!!!

ACTION: Meg to look in Safety deposit box for association documents that should be scanned and stored on server.  Need to decide what goes on the website – in progress: Meg brought the 2006 survey but still looking for early deeds and signed fire station lease (has unsigned version)  8/28 CLOSED

ACTION: Mike to make electronic copies of the docs Meg finds and then send to Lindsay to post 8/28 CLOSED all done except on legal size doc. Lindsay will do it

ACTION: Meg to look for the 1976 version of by-laws with the recent changes incorporated.  The website currently has an old 1972 version. CLOSED: Meg found copies; Diane typed up; Meg sent to board; Lindsey posted on website 8/20 Meg sent updated copy with typos/syntax corrected.

ACTION: Mike and Lindsay to investigate how to give people access to a secure area on the server. IN-Progress Docs on web/file server.  They are looking into putting an index together of content and password protections

ACTION: Mike to give Lindsay the legal size document to scan


  1. Next Newsletter

DiscussionWhen?  Topics: Building (repairs & fundraising, Emergency Shelter), Elections (overview/positions/member involvement), Membership form, events, etc.

DECISION was to target Friday, Sept 12 to have September Newsletter ready

ACTION: Diane to insert “” for people wanting to get involved in the NHIA Elections section

ACTION: Meg to write Letter from the Board for Sept newsletter

ACTION: Walter to contact the ARC and write 2 -3 lines about the Blood Drive

ACTION: Walter to write a couple of sentences for Sue & Stan Whitfield memorial

ACTION: Walter to write a few comments and send sign-up sheets for Turkey Run for newsletter and website

ACTION: Walter to send Sue the early DRAFT of the newsletter the board can make these decisions at the Sept 4th meeting:

  • Room rental rates (it would also be good to have a copy of the contract if there is one)
  • Timing for 2015 association fees
  • Contact info for members wanting to participate in the 2015 board
  • Country Breakfast Pricing and Menu
  • Dates for Candidate Forum & November Members Meeting
  • Possibly changing the date for  2015 Membership to September 15 instead of October 1 this year to reinvigorate the association


  1. Other Business?

a. Building

ACTION: Walter & Meg to coordinate with Sue on projection screen installation. 8/28 CLOSED add to the “Building Issues and Needs” List below.

ACTION: ALL brainstorm & look for alternatives to make creating signs easier and send to Mike for investigation so they can be discussed at next meeting. 8/28 CLOSED

ACTION: Mike and Diane to figure out how many letter sets are needed to make annual signs

ACTION: Mike to suggest a plan to get estimates / work priorities for the NHIA community building repairs.  In-Progress – 7/10 first contractor did not have the bandwidth, checking with another contractor.7/14 Jeff Steven’s and Mike went over and had a quick look at the building.  Here are his observations and note that we did NOT look at the sewer, kitchen or fire station side of the building: 8/28 CLOSED, not a role for communication meeting, goes on Board Meeting agenda.

List is included in Blue in the table below (Brown from Mike Tapp and Purple from Aug board meeting)

Priority Cost Issue Area Notes Issue Owner Documented as known issue Date resolved
Crack in foundation which may be enlarging   2/2014  
    Front Porch Column noted to be separating from ceiling; perhaps due to settling of porch   2/2014  
    Septic tank backing up AGAIN; due to wet weather   2/2014  
    Kitchen needs to be repainted for HEALTH REASONS   2/2014  
    Fire alarm system Will be redone for the entire building and NHIA will need to pay for our part   2/2014  
2 ~$10,000 Side porch/Walkway /Ramp need to remove and/or replaceBack Ramp – needs replacement, soffit (vinyl) needs repair at backdoor.  Is a serious safety risk & current signs / blockades won’t keep kids off Cliff 6/2010  
    Front Retaining wall Is cracked   7/2014  
    Front Ramp Railing is very shaky, lot of play; shoddy construction even if it passed inspection   7/2014  
    Inside bathrooms are in need of updating; not an issue, but doesn’t give  a positive impression   7/2014  
    Front shrubbery looking pretty bad, probably should be replaced; not really an issue but doesn’t leave people with a positive impression   7/2014  
    Siding needs washing, no need to replace but it could use some attention to look a lot better; not an issue, but doesn’t give  a positive impression   7/2014  
1 $900 + electrical Stove need for Breakfast; tried to repair old one Sue 8/2014  
3   Roof Edge & Gutters damage to the edge of the roof and gutters on the back of the building which is contributing to flooding of the fire dept. downstairs Cliff 8/2014  
    Folding chairs Needs upgrading   8/2014  
    New pots and pans Needs upgrading   8/2014  
  Projector and Screen        


b. Ice Cream Social

ACTION: Mike send out NHIA members email about Ice Cream Social and Membership / Community Watch meeting; CLOSED 7/17  Sue did it to people in batches

ACTION: Lindsay website reminder about the Ice Cream Social and Membership post / Community Watch meeting.  CLOSED 7/18 Also posted the event summary on 7/23


c. Sue Whitfield Commemoration

ACTION: Walter to arrange for the bench – CLOSED:  7/15 ordered bench (straight seat & straight legs) with the lettering for $675.00 installed. 8/21 installed

ACTION: Walter to write the commemorative speech; deferred until bench is ready IN-Progress 8/28 Will give at Country Breakfast when family is present


d. Board Elections

ACTION: Meg to send email to the NHIA board to alert them of the need for a nominating committee well in advance of the Nov elections.  CLOSED 7/17 and more forcefully 8/20 when there was no action at the Aug meeting.

ACTION: Walter to look into the NHIA insurance policy to see what liabilities Board members might personally have if repairs are not dealt with and accidents occur

ACTION: Mike to write a short sample email (for approval) about the voting process and open positions to encourage people to get involved


e. Membership Meetings for Oct and Nov

Discussion: Agreed October members meeting could be before the Candidate Forum.  Need November date and a speaker soon. Will discuss at Sept 4th Board meeting


f. Country Breakfast

Discussion:need menu and pricing.  Will be discussed at the Sept 4th Board meeting


g. Candidate Forum

Discussion: need date


h. Turkey Run

Discussion: (web page empty).  Walter took actions to get started on this so that information can be in the newsletter and the website.


Next Communications Meeting to be scheduled for Thursday, September 25th

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