Communication Meeting Minutes 7/10/14


  1. Review Calendar Events
  2. Website – New Content or Modifications
  3. Next Newsletter
  4. Other Business?
  5. Membership / Community Watch Meeting


  1. Review Calendar Events

Discussion Is the calendar current, are updates needed, anything unscheduled, etc.?  No changes to event schedule

Sat, Feb 22  Robeson Mill Hike led by Stewart Dunaway in Duke Forest

Mon, April 28 – Deer-Resistant Gardening at 7pm Led by Joann Currier of The Unique Plant. 

Tue, May 6 – NC Primary Elections (Patterson Precinct) from 6:30am to 7:30pm

Tue, May 20 –Natural Gas East of Sunrise at 7pm  Led by a representative from PSNC

Tues, July 1 & 8 – Sherriff Office Candidate Meet and Greet (NEW)

Thurs, July 17 – Guest Speaker & Membership Meeting at 7pm

Sun, July 20 – Front Porch Ice Cream Social from 2pm to 5pm including music & tribute Sue Whitfield

Sat, Sept 20 – New Hope Volunteer Fire Department & NHIA Country Breakfast from 7am to 11am

October (tbd) – Candidates’ Forum

November 8 – New Hope Turkey Run

November (tbd) – Member Meeting & Board Elections


  1. Website – New Content or Modifications

Discussion – Is there any new content or modifications that we should consider adding to the web site?

ACTION: Meg to look in Safety deposit box for association documents that should be scanned and stored on server.  Need to decide what goes on the website – in progress: Margaret brought the 2006 survey but still looking for early deeds and signed fire station lease (has unsigned version)

ACTION: Mike to make electronic copies of the docs Meg finds and then send to Lindsay to post

ACTION: Walter to look for the 1976 version of by-laws with the recent changes incorporated.  The website currently has an old 1972 version.

ACTION: Mike and Lindsay to investigate how to give people access to a secure area on the server. Still open


  1. Next Newsletter

Discussion – Should we still have one?  Yes 1) Format to be non-folded front & back page and 2) Not do a bulk mailing; it will be a) on the website for general public access, b) link sent in an email to members and c) handed out at the 2 July events

ACTION:  Diane to create a newsletter prior to the June Membership Meeting – in progress: first draft out, waiting on “letter from the board” from Walter and any other edits before sending out another  final draft to comms team and Sue.

ACTION: Diane to ask Sue for an update regarding the Ice Cream Social for the newsletter.  Also, what are the dates for the October Candidates Forum and November Members Meeting/Board Elections? – in progress: sent 7/11


  1. Other Business?

a. Membership / Community Watch Meeting:

Discussion – Did the board decide on an agenda? Last month we made recommendation on topics (community watch was selected).  The Proposed Agenda items included 1) Building Repairs and Finances, 2) Fund raising options, 3) Advertise / Solicit Help for upcoming events (Ice Cream Social, Country Breakfast & Upcoming Board Meeting / Elections), 4) Website demo, 5) Guest Speaker Introduction, 6) Presentation.  No board meeting so no work on agenda

ACTION: Walter to provide contact names for local summer BBQ chef. CLOSED; community watch was selected

ACTION: Walter & Meg to coordinate with Sue on projection screen installation. OPEN

ACTION: Mike to suggest a plan to get estimates / work priorities for the NHIA community building repairs.  In-Progress – first contractor did not have the bandwidth, checking with another contractor.

ACTION: Mike to investigate feasibility of sign sleeve(s) – CLOSED: contacted DAC; cost for material and labor for fabrication of a sign cover for 40″ x 96″ x 7″ sign is $490.00.  This cover will consist of translucent white vinyl cut and sewn as a sleeve with 4 Velcro straps at the bottom to secure fabric to sign.

DECISION:  the $490 sign sleeve option was too costly

ACTION: ALL to brainstorm and be on the lookout for alternatives to make creating signs easier and send to Mike for investigation so they can be discussed at next meeting.


b. Ice Cream Social and Sue Whitfield Commemoration


ACTION: Walter to write the commemorative speech; deferred until bench is ready

ACTION: Walter to arrange for the bench – in progress:  ordered bench (straight seat & straight legs) with the lettering for $675.00 installed.  Delivery tbd

ACTION: Mike send out NHIA members email about Ice Cream Social and Membership / Community Watch meeting

ACTION: Lindsay post website reminder about the Cream Social and Membership / Community Watch meeting

DECISION: Move Sue Whitfield memorial to a fall event when the bench is available.


c. November Board Elections

Discussion: The by-laws call for a nominating committee to be formed and for elections take place every 2 years with board members tenure staggered.  The committee members’ need to be nominated and voted on by the board AND members.

ACTION: Meg to send email to the NHIA board to alert them of the need for a nominating committee well in advance of the Nov elections.

 Next Communications Meeting to be scheduled for Thursday, August 28th

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